PSD welcomes EU Council solidarity in face of populist threat and seeks dialogue with those in PES concerned about rule of law issues in Romania


In this time of real threat to the European system from the far right and populists, now is the time to show solidarity and to discuss the situation openly and constructively.

The European Council showed these qualities in recognising the challenges faced by the U.K. and also the damaging effect on the rest of the EU. Solidarity and an open and constructive dialogue prevailed last night. We in the PSD strongly endorse that view.

We are at a loss to understand the reactions of some of our PES colleagues towards Romania. We have come to expect misunderstandings and accusations without evidence from PSD’s political opponents, but not from our own family.

If there are colleagues in the PES who have concerns about the rule of law in Romania, we look forward to them telling us in detail what issues concern them. Until now, none of those who have been worried about the situation in Romania were able to provide a concrete details to justify their concern.

That is why we consider that these comments about Romania's rule of law may be motivated by electoral issues than a real concern. We anticipate that all this controversy will be extinguished after the May 26th elections.

Then, after the elections, you will see that the situation will be altogether different.

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