Romanian Social Democratic Party leader Liviu Dragnea said today he would support the themes proposed by president Iohannis for referendum


Discussing President Klaus Iohannis’s plans for a referendum on justice reform, the party leader said that so far he hadn’t heard anything he disagreed with. Mr. Iohannis outlined yesterday two “themes” for the vote, including a ban on any amnesty or pardons for those convicted of corruption and a ban on the use of emergency ordinances in the implementation of justice reform. 

“I saw the topics Iohannis published yesterday for the referendum. I support them, I will vote for them” he said, adding, “And since we all agree, I would much rather discuss about agriculture in Romania than the questions of the referendum.”

The joke arose from the main theme of his address, which was to highlight government support for agricultural development.

Mr. Dragnea, who is president of the Romanian parliament, was visiting a farming area near the town of Călărași in Southeastern Romania. He was accompanied by Agriculture Minister Petre Daea. They were visiting an irrigation facility installed with state funds.

The PSD-led government has invested heavily in agricultural production.

“We decided to invest in agriculture not only in sake of farmers, but for the sake of the food quality that all Romanians have on their plates,” Mr. Dragnea said.

Mr. Dragnea also touched on recent disagreements with EU leaders over the potential appointment of Laura Codruta Kovesi, former chief prosecutor with the DNA anti-corruption agency, as chief prosecutor for the EU. Ms Kovesi has been placed under investigation in Romania for abuse of office and bribery. Several top EU officials this week called on the Romanian government to halt the investigation.

Mr. Dragnea endorsed the response of Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă earlier this week. “They [the EU oficials] requested us to not have the politicians interfering with the judiciary, but they also asked us to stop any legal proceeding that was opened by prosecutors. Who should stop it? The Government? No, way! We won’t interfere with it” Mr. Dragnea said.

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