Encouraging Small Businesses with a 1% Tax Rate, and Turning Romania into the Start-up Nation of Europe


Starting in January 2018, all small businesses with revenues up to 1 million euros are now eligible to a 1% tax rate, encouraging these micro-enterprises to develop their business and contribute to our growing Romanian economy. Before this, only businesses with revenue of up to 500,000 euros were eligible, but PSD doubled the threshold to include 90% of all Romanian companies so that we can build a real Romanian economy. We know that our economy needs more entrepreneurs, both at home and coming back from abroad, who will pursue their ideas and push the boundaries of innovation, and we want to make that as easy as possible. PNL thinks that all of our people are poor and stupid, which is why they did not raise this rate while they were in power. PSD is proud to support our start-ups, because we want our country to be the Start-Up Nation of the EU and get Romania the respect it deserves.

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