Declaratie de presa din partea presedintelui PES Sergei Stanishev



I congratulate my friend Viorica Dancila for being elected by the PSD leadership as the party’s official proposal for becoming the next Prime Minister of Romania. Viorica is a great colleague, much appreciated in our PES family and thoroughly involved in our projects.

As a Member of the European Parliament, Viorica has worked tirelessly and has collaborated very efficiently in the framework of our S&D group, where she has many supporters. I am one of them – having worked together on many occasions and having collaborated on several projects, I have come to know and appreciate her abilities, her hard work and competence, as well as her experience in European matters.

She has worked hard, in her activity as MEP, for the great cause of the Romanian agriculture, doing her best to make Romanian products better known in Europe, while at the same time fighting for better measures to support and develop EU agriculture in general.

She has also been a champion of women’s rights and gender equality, working and fighting, together with our colleagues, to drive forward the cause of women in the European Union.

I am happy that my friends in the PSD designated a woman as the country’s next Prime Minister and I wish the entire PSD team success in accomplishing the mandate they have received from the Romanian voters.

Sergei Stanishev,

President of PES

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