Dan Nica: EPP-led EU focus on rule of law in Romania another example of a double standard


Speaking in a European Parliament debate, Romanian PSD MEP Dan Nica Monday accused critics of applying a double standard in discussions of the rule of law in Romania, treating Romanian citizens as second-class EU citizens.

He accused those criticising the Romanian government’s efforts to reform the justice system of ignoring the rights of citizens. “If you don’t have rights and freedoms for your citizens, you don’t have the rule of law,” he said.

“In 2009, the General Prosecutor of Romana signed the first secret protocol with the intelligence services.” He pointed out that that General Prosecutor was Laura CodrutaKovesi, now the EP’s choice to become the EU’s own Chief Public Prosecutor.

Mr. Nica said as a series of such secret protocols have been revealedover the past two years, Romanians have been horrified to find out about them and the “abuse and abominable injustice” created by them.

He said, “Romanians are sensitive to this issue because they were victims of abuse during the Communist era. They don’t want judges being blackmailed or prosecutors being wiretapped or secretly filmed in their bathrooms and bedrooms so they become vulnerable to blackmail.”

Referring to other examples of double standards Romanians complain about – low-quality food products and pharmaceuticals sold into the Romanian market, and the nations continuing exclusion from the Schengen zone – he said the nation’s citizens are increasingly angry. “They reject this discrimination which is grounded in absolutely nothing and is truly undeserved.”

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